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Texas is a very big state and based on our statistics,we have a lot of customers in Texas who have bought Great Danes from us.The Great Danes really drive the Texans crazy.Great Danes are generally loved for their huge stature yet very calm dogs.This has earned them the tittle of little giants.Great Danes can be very aggressive when the need arises but other than that they are good with kids are other pets in the house.You should still keep and eye on Great Danes when they are near kids due to their size.With a Great Dane in your compound,you are very safe and free from any intruders.As the mere sight of this little giants would scare ways most intruders.Great Dane puppies for sale in Texas.If you come in contact with any Great Dane that does not have a home kindly contact us for rescue.We would like to appreciate all Great Dane owners and let you know you are doing Great job.