10 Things you should do before you buy a great dane puppy

Here are the list of things you should consider doing before you bring a great dane puppy into your home.

  1. Make sure the whole family is ok with this dog breed.

2) Make sure the family understands that the puppy will be an integral part of your family

.You will need to consider having a vet do come do periodical check ups.

. Research on the type of food for a great dane puppy, It is very important that a great dane puppy is well fed so that he/she grows to the maximum height.

prepare your mind on the type you might want we have

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They are huge

I know, duh. He was so tiny as a puppy he fit in my motorcycle pannier to go home, but he is now as the entire motorcycle. The average height of a Great Dane is around 90cm, 180cm if they stand, and the average weight is 120lb. That is a small adult! Think about it when it is time to go on a road trip or take the plane… Most hotels, restaurants, malls.. won’t have them, so they need a temporary home while you are away.

They are couch potatoes.

Aside from following me on walks, runs and beer runs, Napoleon spends most of his days laying at my feet. He goes play in the water for a while, or chases other animals, but that’s about it. If you want an active dog, look for another race. That said, it is heaven when he sleeps for the an 8 hour car ride without asking for food or a bathroom break.

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